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Friday, March 16, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Jasper Plume Feather Necklace?

Photo: StyleCaster

I just happened to be updating the Sneak Peek Photo Gallery over at Mint-Spiration.com when I stumbled across this old post of Kate from the JewelMint StyleCaster photoshoot back in September of last year!

This post featured a slew of JewelMint sneak peeks styled by Cher Coulter, but what ever happened to the Jasper Plume Feather Necklace that was featured in this shoot?

At this time, it's release date is still unknown according to JM CS (JewelMint Customer Service). It's been such a long time since it was initially featured in this online editorial shoot which makes me wonder if it will ever be released? Guess it's one of those pieces, such as the Covent Garden Bracelet, that will have to remain a mystery for now...

View the Sneak Peeks Gallery Here!

xoxo, Lily
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