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Monday, April 16, 2012

BeachMint Announces HomeMint Launch | Interior Designs from Justin Timberlake + Designer Estee Stanley!

Sometimes it's tough keeping a secret - phew! It's been about a month since I first found out about HomeMint, and I couldn't wait to talk about it with all of you! Back during April Collections party on March 31st, I hinted that a new "Mint" was on the horizon, and HomeMint it is!

While I wasn't sure which celebrity would be the heavyweight behind the brand, I was surprised to find out today (along with the rest of you) that Justin Timberlake will be the one to join BeachMint Royalty. Justin will be joining the likes of Kate Bosworth (JewelMint), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (StyleMint), Jessica Simpson (BeautyMint), and Rachel Bilson (ShoeMint).

As with all the other Mint Brands, this project will be a collaboration between a celebrity and a seasoned professional (with the exception of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - MK+A - for StyleMint - who some may argue are seasoned fashion professionals in their own right). As for HomeMint, Justin will be joining forces with celebrity interior designer Estee Stanley!

Justin Timberlake, Estee Stanley, and Ashley Olsen at Oscar de la Renta S/S 2012
Photo: Vogue

Word on the street is HomeMint will include an array of home goods such as tableware, pillows, wall decor, linens, prints, etc. With home decor, the possibilities are endless really!

According to Elle Decor, HomeMint will offer a monthly membership fee of $10 that will offer early access to new products and discounts. Additionally, I found that HomeMint will be offering two different price-points on items that will include member pricing and non-member pricing.

From the items and pricing I've seen so far, HomeMint will definitely be an affordable (and super stylish) home decor option for everyone! I seriously can't wait!

BeachMint is said to launch HomeMint's full website in early May.

Click here to sign up for early access to HomeMint.com!

xoxo, Lily
If you're new to JewelMint, click here to sign up!

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