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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

JewelMint's Latest Celebrity Guest Curator: Sienna Miller - The "Almost Sold Out" Sienna Bracelet & International Medical Corps

 Photos: JewelMint
The always fashionable, Sienna Miller has now joined past activists Rachel Bilson (Rachel Earrings for Invisible Children) and Jared Eng (Brixton Earrings for DoSomething.org) as JewelMint's latest celebrity guest curator in their "Giving Back" series with the Sienna Bracelet!

50% of all Sienna Bracelet proceeds are donated to International Medical Corps. Here's more about the cause:

The Sienna Bracelet is currently "Almost Sold Out" and will probably be gone soon! It really is a great bracelet. I love wearing it with my Mumbai Bracelet (as seen here), and you can't go wrong with a portion of the proceeds going to an amazing cause!

Watch: Cher Coulter on JewelMint's collaboration with Sienna Miller to support  International Medical Corps:

xoxo, Lily


  1. my wrists are only 6", will this bracelet be too big??

  2. I got this bracelet and while it looks awesome from far away, I was not happy with the quality. The silver was tarnished, the little chain clasp was broken, and the links where damaged so they pinched my skin. I was truly unhappy with this item.
    But to answer your question. I have a 5 inch wrist and this fit well, but only because the chain they added at both ends rounded out the corners enough so my hand made the bracelet get stuck and not fall off. But if I made a conscious effort, i could definitely take the bracelet off without undoing the clasp.
    All in all I would say to not buy this bracelet, especially since there are many more great, non defective, items to chose from.


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