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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011 The Weekly Sunday Morning JewelMint Exchange: Buy, Sell, Trade!

 Photo: Jewelmint

Ready, set, exchange! Grab your Sunday morning cup of coffee and post or search for JewelMint pieces you're either looking to sell, trade or find! Is there a  piece you missed out on? A piece that just didn't work out for you and needs a new loving home? A piece you're willing to trade for something else? The Sunday Morning JewelMint Exchange is a weekly forum for you to post the JewelMint items you are desperately trying to find, looking to trade, or looking to sell.

This is a **weekly** post that will post every Sunday morning at 5am Pacific Standard Time so make sure to check back each week for new postings!

Here's how this works:
1. Begin your post with: Looking to sell, looking to trade, or looking to find.
2. List your items (including accurate descriptions if necessary).
3. Please don't forget to include an email address for contact.
4. Don't forget to check the JewelMint Exchange (Feedback & Experiences) Post for feedback left by users about other users to help ensure a positive exchange experience!


  1. Flower power necklace available for trade for credit or jewelmint piece. NEVER WORN! Thanks all=) contact me at vernalisa.m@gmail.com

  2. Looking to buy or swap any one of my pieces (will list if you contact me) for the Rapunzel Ring......I am DYING to own it!!!! Thanks a bunch!
    Michele Centeno

  3. I would love to own in the rough ring size 8 and pearl cluster ring size 8. I have a pearl ring necklace that I'm looking to sell.
    Contact Lindsey at mermaydia79@yahoo.com

  4. Anyone have a never worn or slightly worn (no tarnishes/off center stone) Aqua Bomb ring in sz6? I am willing to trade for a credit! =)
    Please contact me at Nikkitran408@gmail.com

  5. Still looking for Bali Dream Necklace <--- this is #1 on the list and Western Dream Earrings


  6. Hi Verna

    I would like to trade a credit with you for the flower power necklace! email me here:

  7. Stella~ I seen those Western Dream earrings on Ebay

  8. Looking for:

    Saber Pendant
    Bird Cage Bangle
    Lovers Locket
    Mystic Fall Earrings
    Trillion Earrings

    Please contact me at nurserahel@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  9. I have Jackie O's up for sell or trade. E-mail me!

  10. Willing to buy any of the following-
    Marrakesh earring; Cleopatra earring; and Rio Bravo earring

    Still newbie to Jewelmint so not a lot to trade with :\ but I fell in love with these older pieces and I am willing to pay if anyone wants to make room for some newer pieces!!


  11. thank you michele!

  12. Looking for a sanskrit necklace!
    Please email me at vernalisa.m@gmail.com

  13. I would really like to purchase the Western Dream Earrings & Rio Bravo Earrings. Please let me know! chloececilia@gmail.com

  14. I would be very happy to purchase the golden goose egg bracelet and daphne necklace If anyone has either of these two items and would like to sell them please let me know!

    Thanks! :)

  15. I live in the UK and jewelmint does not ship here, i'm really interested in purchasing the Tulumn Bracelets and Rio Bravo earrings, but I am interested in all jewelmint jewellery. Please get in touch if you are willing to sell your jewellery, I don't have the option to buy it here yet. THANKYOU.



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