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Friday, October 7, 2011

Rachel Bilson: Latest Celebrity to Join BeachMint Royalty with ShoeMint!

Have you heard the amazing news?! It was announced yesterday that Rachel Bilson is the latest celebrity to join what I love to call..."Mint Royalty". As many of you already know, Rachel was JewelMint's very first celebrity guest curator with one of JewelMint's best-sellers...the Rachel Earrings (as seen here and here)! Let's take a look back at Rachel's interview with Kate Bosworth, shall we?

Video: Jewelmint

I don't know about you, but I've held a special place in my heart for Rachel since The OC and I couldn't have been more thrilled to hear about her new show, Heart of Dixie. In my mind, Rachel's character in Dixie is really "Summer", just all grown up!

Besides loving Rachel as an actress, she's a style icon in her own right, and I know a lot of us were really rooting for Rachel to join the BeachMint brand! I want to say it was either back during April or May's JewelMint (Collection) Party where many of us were discussing which future brands we would like to see from BeachMint - including their potential celebrity designers.

Rachel was an overwhelming choice for many! The top two design choices discussed were shoes and handbags, with shoes being #1!

Rachel is the fourth celebrity to join BeachMint Royalty with the likes of Kate Bosworth (JewelMint), Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen (StyleMint), and Jessica Simpson (BeautyMint - coming soon)!

In addition, JustJared.com featured Rachel and a future pair of ShoeMint shoes yesterday with all the juicy details (below)! Click here to find the following article in its entirety.

Rachel Bilson: ShoeMint Celebrity Designer!
Thu, 06 October 2011 at 11:50 am
Photos: JustJared.com via INFdaily

Rachel Bilson heads into the Live With Regis & Kelly studio to make an appearance on Thursday (October 6) in New York City.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress has signed on to help launch ShoeMint.com when it goes live in late November.

“I loved the idea of designing really cute shoes that are affordable and accessible,” Rachel told WWD. “The whole idea behind the BeachMint brand makes the online shopping experience so personal.”

Rachel and her longtime stylist, Nicole Chavez, will be the site’s celebrity designer, while Steve Madden is partnering on production.

The members-only site will feature a monthly selection of merchandise with shoes selling for $79.99!

FYI: Rachel wore a pair of ShoeMint heels with a Suno dress and Vanessa Bruno blazer.*

To tell you the truth, I do not know much about Rachel's stylist, Nicole Chavez. But if this is the mastermind behind Rachel's gorgeous style, I'm all in! I also think it's quite awesome that Steve Madden is going to the involved in the actual production - I mean, who doesn't love Steve Madden shoes? But, Steve Madden shoes designed by Rachel Bilson and her celebrity stylist???  Won't be anything short of amazing I'm sure.

If these shoes Rachel wore to Live with Regis and Kelly is any indicator, I'm sure the brand will do extremely well. You know us women - we LOVE our jewelry we LOVE our shoes!

I also think it will be extremely interesting to see how ShoeMint does in comparison to the big guns such as ShoeDazzle and JustFab - both offer shoes at around $39 a pair. With a price point of $79 will ShoeMint thrive? I'm only hoping that quality and comfort will make the higher price worth it!

Did anyone catch Rachel's appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly? What are your thoughts on the announcement of Rachel Bilson designing shoes for ShoeMint? Will you be signing up for ShoeMint?

xoxo, Lily
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