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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The JewelMint Jabber May Collection Twitter and Chat Party Starts NOW!

Change of plans everyone! JewelMint decided to release a few of the items early tonight so I'm getting things rolling sooner than expected! Welcome to the JewelMint Twitter and Chat Party. Please use Twitter hashtag #jewelmintparty when tweeting about the new May Collection!

Sign in below with Chatroll with Facebook or Twitter! 

Let's please keep things positive and be considerate of one another. No fowl language is allowed and insults will not be tolerated. If this occurs, you will be blocked. Thank you and welcome!!! Let's talk JewelMint!

xoxo, Lily

Join us at Midnight Tonight! JewelMint May Collection Twitter Party & Live Chat: Will you be up tonight for JewelMint's May release?!!

*****************9 PM UPDATE*****************Three hours to go!! :-)

Let me begin with the following: this will be the first time in my life I've ever hosted a Twitter Party. I was brainstorming some ideas earlier and thought...

How cool would it be to partake in a conversation with other Jewelmint Junkies (like myself) that want to discuss the new Jewelmint collection as it is released on May 1st at midnight (PT)?! See my official JewelMint clock on the top sidebar of this blog!

We can discuss the new pieces, what we splurged on, what we left behind, what we're super excited to see in the new release, and so on! I will be the moderator for the party and the hashtag is....drumroll please....


Naturally :-)

So here's how my Jewelmint Party on will work: 

1) At 9 PM (PT) on April 30th -- three hours before midnight, May 1st -- I will post a reminder here on this blog to remind everyone about the hashtag (#jewelmintparty) that will be used on Twitter. 

2) At 11:30 (PT) - see the official JewelMint time clock - I will post a new topic called "Let The Jewelmint Party Begin!".

3) You will have to log into Twitter and use this hashtag (#jewelmintparty) to partake in the conversation.

4) Or, you can join in and get cozy in the live chat module within the post too!

I will be the moderator and will try to keep the topic on track as best as possible! So let's hope this is super successful and you can see the Jewelmint Party (#jewelmintparty) Twitter Tracker will look like at the bottom of this post.

*Please note* Tweets will be refreshed automatically every 1 minute. Please keep in mind that Twitter's API connection limit allows each user to refresh only 150 times an hour.


No problem! On the same post, I will have a live "JewelMint Jabber" chat module up where up everyone can chat live and connect via Facebook or Twitter!

See everyone tonight! I can't wait!!!

xoxo, Lily

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace Review with Juicy Couture and Modcloth styling ideas!

To be honest with you, this necklace had originally caught my eye but I waited a little while before I finally bit the bullet and purchased it before it sold out. Now, I can't imagine the thought of not having this necklace in my collection!

While I was filming the video, I realized how awesome this necklace would look backwards! After trying it on, I'm beyond obsessed with the idea of pretty much wearing it backwards all the time now. I still love the pearls and details on the front, but when it's worn backwards it has a more rustic feel to it, a little more casual than the front. So in all reality, it is two necklaces in one!

Flower Power Necklace
This white lacquer necklace features smoothe white beads, a cute butterfly charm, and a floral pendant. An ultimate statement in hippie luxe, layer this piece over a tank and jeans for those stylish off-duty days.

Wear this with: a cream-colored flowy dress.
Perfect for: lounging at the beach.
Inspired by: warm summer days.

As you will see in my video review (below), I've paired this necklace with my ivory Cake From Scratch Dress from ModCloth and my lovely Juicy Couture Princess Stud Earrings in Gold. Here's my polyvore set of my outfit!

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace Set 1

JewelMint Flower Power Necklace Set 1 by jewelsandmints.com

Please "like" me (jewelsandmints.com) on Polyvore to have access to all my past and future sets for my reviews!

Here's my mini video review of my JewelMint Flower Power Necklace!

Audrey earrings are coming back!!! Yay!!! Also, get the Calypso Necklace for only $10.50!

Photos: Jewelmint

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for the Very Audrey Earrings to be coming back!! I squealed for joy when I saw this email in my inbox this morning! For those who are new to my blog, I wrote a post awhile ago before the whole Bring It Back Contest was created titled: "Dear Jewelmint, I Very Much Need The Very Audrey Earrings! Please bring them back! Love, Lily".

Next thing I know the Bring It Back App was born. While I'd like to think in my head that JewelMint was paying attention to me back then, I'm guessing this was merely a coincidence. I mean, I bet they were getting a lot of you saying the same thing, and I'm not so sure JewelMint is paying that close attention to me....are they? Nah! ;-)

More importantly, it is now confirmed that our votes were tallied and the Audrey's will now be BACK for sure sometime in the summer!! Yay!!!

Also, get the Calypso Necklace or any other items in your showroom for only $10.50 with PROMO CODE: FBA65 (new customers only).

There is one thing I do want to point out about the email above. Am I crazy or does the center of the Audrey's (under the model's chin) look like they have a dark purple center instead of the original yellow hue? Guess we'll have to wait and see! Interesting though.

Lastly, there are a few exciting things going on today! I'll be hosting my very first JewelMint Twitter Party and Chat tonight live here on this blog. Midnight, Pacific Time. My modules will be set up at 11:30pm PT so that everyone can have time to log in with either Facebook or Twitter to join in. You can see the time and countdown modules on the very top of my sidebar to the right for reference. I'll post more details later today. Also, my Flower Power Necklace review should be up sometime later today as well. So much to do!

Sorry if my writing is a little all over the place as I should be up for the day by now, but I'm sitting in bed typing this all cobweb headed. ;-) I was too excited to see the Audrey email to not do a post about it!

So I'll catch up with you guys soon with my review and twitter/chat party details! See you soon!

xoxo, Lily

Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Days Left! Exclusive JewelMint Mother's Day 2 for 1 & Half Price Sets

Two days left to get your Exclusive JewelMint Mother's Day Sets...just in time for Mother's Day!

xoxo, Lily

Last Day: JewelMint Aqua Bomb Ring Giveaway!

Today is the last day to enter my Aqua Bomb Ring Giveaway! Don't forget for your chance to win this ring in a size 6! This ring is not meant to be adjustable, but you can carefully do so if it is too big or too small.

Here are the rules:

Jewels & Mints Aqua Bomb Ring Giveaway! Enter by April 29th 10pm PT/Midnight ET !

Instructions: You MUST do all three things below in order to be eligible to win this JewelMint Aqua Bomb Ring.

1) Follow my blog on
http://jewelsandmints.blogspot.com using Google Friend Connect (Find this at the very top of my sidebar on my blog).
2) Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/jewelsandmints
3) Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/jewelsandmints

Simple as that!

Rules: You MUST do all three things above in order to be eligible for this giveaway. The contest ends on Friday, April 29th at Midnight ET. A winner will be chosen at random (random.org) from one of options (either blogger, Twitter or YouTube). This giveaway is open everyone, including all international viewers/readers. Please be aware if this ring is won by someone outside of the U.S. you will be responsible for any custom fees associated with this giveaway. If under the age of 18, please get your parents consent. A winner will be chosen on Saturday, April 30, 2011 using random.org. The winner will be announced on my blog, Twitter, and YouTube on Monday, May 2nd! I will follow up with the winner once their chosen for their address.
FTC Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this video were purchased by me. No brands are paying me for this video and all opinions are my own. The Aqua Bomb ring in the giveaway was also personally purchased by me.

Jewelmint Jabber: The Royal Wedding Chat Happening Now!

Welcome to a special edition of JewelMint Jabber: The Royal Wedding! Where we can talk about the Royal Wedding as it happens and of course, JewelMint. Let's please keep things positive and nice. Insults and fowl language will not be tolerated and you will be blocked from participating. Thanks for joining!

xoxo, Lily

The chat module is now closed! :-)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

JewelMint Jabber Special: The Royal Wedding 1AM (PT) - Join me for a special chat during the ceremonies!

Royal Wedding Program Portrait: Mario Testino & Art Partner

The Royal Wedding ceremonies will be air live at approximately 1am (Pacific Time) early tomorrow morning on your local television stations! Join me and other JewelMint fans if you're up watching Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange vows and to chat about the ceremonies as they happen live! 

The Jewels & Mints Royal Wedding Chat will go live on this site at 12:30am Pacific Time. You can join in the conversation by connecting with Facebook within the chat module.

I'm soooo excited for this and if you can't tell, I've been bitten by the Royal Wedding Bug. I can't help but be so thrilled to watch a real-life fairy tale wedding take place! I'm even more thrilled to see Kate's wedding dress and jewels!

Hope to see you there!

xoxo, Lily

JewelMint Mother's Day Sets: Only Three Days Left, Get 2 Pieces for the Price of 1 While Supplies Last!

 Photo: Jewelmint

There's only three days left (order by May 1st) to snag one of four exclusive JewelMint Mother's Day Sets for 1/2 off or two for one! See the original post here for details and to watch my promo video for this offer!

(Use the following links below to be taken directly to the sets...)
The Mother's Day Dazzling Duo (2 for 1) - Two Pharaoh Bracelets for the price of one. Perfect daytime work bracelets and night time dazzlers.
The Mother's Day Golden Doublet (2 for 1) - Two Gehry Cuffs for the price of one. Perfect for day or night. Perfect daytime work cuffs or for a dinner party with friends.
The Mother's Day Glamour Set (1/2 Price) - Sixties Revival Bracelet & Times Square Earrings for the price of one. Great for a night time, going out look.
The Mother's Day Spring Set (1/2 Price) - Mumbai Bracelet and Marrakesh Earrings for the price of one. Easy breezy, casual pieces for a laid back weekend and statement night time pieces if dressed up with jeans and heels

These sets Dazzling Duo and Golden Doublet are the perfect way to get two of the same to split up as Mother's Day gifts! The Glamour and Spring Sets are amazing as a two-in-one pre-styled option!

Get them while you still can!

xoxo, Lily

JewelMint Calypso Earrings


 Photos & Video: JewelMint

Calypso Earrings

This modern design is ideal for any island beauty! The darling 2 ½” pair are set with two lilac resin disks for a soft pop of color and feature a post and push backing. These earrings team perfectly with our matching Calypso Necklace. Walk into your next ladies luncheon in supreme style with these stunning pieces.

Wear this with: bohemian separates in creamy hues.
Perfect for: an afternoon of fine dining with the girls.
Inspired by: mythical sea beauty Calypso.

Available for sale on JewelMint on: May 1, 2011
Click here to see this on JewelMint's website.

Rate and Review JewelMint's Calypso Earrings

***Review Comments***:
Please feel free to share your thoughts, reviews, and to discuss this piece with others below in the comments section! Use the star rating system above to rate this!

JewelMint's Pearl Fleur Earrings - Product Review


 Photos & Video: JewelMint

Pearl Fleur Earrings

Searching for a pearl of wisdom? Elegance never goes out of style! Usher in an era of sophistication with these 2 1/4” antique silver-plated earrings. The pair’s French wire hooks make dressing up effortless. Set with a moonstone and pearl, the pair’s teardrop dangle gives any basic look a sweet escape. Make these your go-to accessory this wedding season!

Wear this with: a cocktail dress with lace accents.
Perfect for: your best friend's wedding.
Inspired by: treasures Kate collected during her recent travels.

Available for sale on JewelMint on: May 1, 2011
Click here to see this on JewelMint's website.

Rate and Review JewelMint's Pearl Fleur Earrings

***Review Comments***:
Please feel free to share your thoughts, reviews, and to discuss this piece with others below in the comments section! Use the star rating system above to rate this!

Preview JewelMint's May 2011 Collection!!

Photo: JewelMint

Here it is!! A preview of JewelMint's May 2011 Collection that will be released on Sunday, May 1, 2011! I'm so excited for this collection!

Don't forget to join in on the conversation at Midnight on Sunday, May 1st!

In conjunction with the Twitter party (the #jewelmintparty hashtag feed will be posted on this blog), I will be hosting a live chat here on this blog at midnight sharp (Pacific Time) to discuss the new collection as it is released. You can use either Twitter or the chat room to join in the conversation with everyone. More details coming later today!

Which items are you loving from this May collection preview??

JewelMint Calypso Necklace - Product Review

 Photos & Video: JewelMint

Calypso Necklace

Embrace your inner goddess with this contemporary design measuring 19 ½”. Antiqued silver-plated pieces feature three resin disks in deep mauve and lilac. Hanging on a bar and link chain, these milky stones infuse any look with understated femininity. Pair it with matching Calypso Earrings and spend your days in divine style!

Wear this with: a floral print summer dress.
Perfect for: hosting a garden party.
Inspired by: ancient sea goddess Calypso.

Available for sale on JewelMint on: Early Release: April 27th, 2011 / May 1, 2011
Click here to see this on JewelMint's website.

Rate and Review JewelMint's Calypso Necklace

***Review Comments***:
Please feel free to share your thoughts, reviews, and to discuss this piece with others below in the comments section! Use the star rating system above to rate this!

JewelMint XO Rings - Product Review

 Photos & Video: JewelMint

XO Rings

Transcend the fashion standard with this exquisite trio. Our set includes an X, O, and a square shaped ring, each with a delicate band. Ideal for the modern lady, these gold-plated rings have a fabulous contemporary feel. Wear them together or separately for a quick style change up. You’ll soon champion this season’s gleaming metallic trend!

Wear this with: a classic button down and a high-waisted skirt.
Perfect for: a night of wine tasting with the girls.
Inspired by: our love for the JewelMint Trinity Rings.

Available for sale on JewelMint on: May 1, 2011
Click here to see this on JewelMint's website.

Rate and Review JewelMint's XO Rings

***Review Comments***:
Please feel free to share your thoughts, reviews, and to discuss this piece with others below in the comments section! Use the star rating system above to rate this!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Night JewelMint Jabber Starts Now!

Welcome to Wednesday Jewelmint Jabber! Where we can talk all things JewelMint from 7-8 pm PT. Let's please keep things positive and nice. Insults and fowl language will not be tolerated and you will be blocked. Let's talk!

xoxo, Lily

This chat is now closed. Thanks for joining in tonight everyone, it was a lot of fun meeting all of you!

Wednesday Night JewelMint Jabber - Tonight at 7pm PT

I can't think of a better way to break up the week other than hopefully meeting up with everyone I met last week for our Wednesday night JewelMint chat. I also love having the opportunity to meet others who share the same love for JewelMint jewelry!

So, join in to talk about everything Jewelmint including recent purchases, experiences with Jewelmint, items you want to swap/sell/trade etc., or just to hang out in a live forum with other self-proclaimed JewelMint Junkies, and enjoy the company!

While last week's chat was from 7-9 pm PT, tonight's chat will be from 7-8pm PT. If 8pm comes too soon, I may keep the chat open for a little while longer. Also, it's super easy to join in on the chat. There will be an option to connect with your Facebook or Open ID. You don't have to give your password through the chat, you just simply connect once you've already logged into one of these options on your own. You'll see how it works tonight.

The chat will post here on this blog exactly at this time. Can't wait to talk to everyone here tonight, see you then!

If you can't make it, don't forget to check back here tomorrow for my Flower Power Necklace review!

xoxo, Lily

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

JewelMint's Prom Queen Contest : My Choices

In my post earlier this morning, I went through JewelMint's recent email about Prom Trends and their newest contest:

"Get crowned 'JewelMint Prom Queen' and win a style consultation via video chat from Cher! The royal prize includes 3 FREE JewelMint peices, and a hair and makeup beauty package! Think you were born to wear the crown? To enter, upload a photo to our Facebook wall on bottom section from April 26th - May 3rd of a prom dress you love, and tell us how JewelMint completes your look!"

Like I said before, I won't be joining in on the contest since I personally think it is best this be reserved for prom princesses actually going to prom. So instead, I've decided to make a cute little post in honor of this contest!

My choices would come down to two. My first option would be this...my BCBGMaxAzria Amethyst Dress. I would pair this with JewelMint's Rachel Earrings (see my review here) to add the perfect amount of gold contrast while still keeping true to the amethyst theme and not overdoing it!


My second option would be my peach and pale gold J.Crew Collection Dress. This dress goes down to the knees and the shimmery silver/gold bottom would be perfectly contrasted with the silver, gold and brass colors of JewelMint's Forever Yours Bracelet (see my review here).  I would also pair this with my Sweetheart ring (review here) on the opposite hand since this dress is quite simple and could use the extra accessories.

Which one of my choices do you like best? My amethyst BCBGMaxAzria Dress with the Rachel Earrings or my peach and gold J.Crew Collection dress with the Forever Yours Bracelet and Sweetheart ring?

I can't wait to see who wins JewelMint's contest. Good luck to everyone who entered!

xoxo, Lily

New JewelMint Email: Check Out Top Formal Trends PLUS Be Crowned Prom Queen | Trend Report

Photo: Jewelmint

JewelMint sent out their newest email this morning, and I'm loving the styling ideas included in this one. Even better, prom season is almost in full swing and while my next prom experience will be over a decade from now with my own children, it's always fun to be out in public at a restaurant when a huge group of young kids walk in looking all dolled up with all eyes on them! Those where the days...

Although it's funny because while I remember how fun it was do all those things high schoolers did back in the day, I really wouldn't want to go back to those awkward years of not knowing...well, nothing that I know now and not necessarily having the fashion sense that has blossomed over the years for me! :-) In other words, I love and sometimes miss the idea of prom, but I'd much rather settle for a romantic, dressed up dinner night out with the hubby, and I'll leave the prom glitz and glam to the younger ones out there.

With that, JewelMint is doing something extremely cool for prom season...

"Get crowned 'JewelMint Prom Queen' and win a style consultation via video chat from Cher! The royal prize includes 3 FREE JewelMint peices, and a hair and makeup beauty package! Think you were born to wear the crown? To enter, upload a photo to our Facebook wall on bottom section from April 26th - May 3rd of a prom dress you love, and tell us how JewelMint completes your look!"

The three pieces include the Antoinette Necklace, Casati Necklace and the Golden Goose Bracelet.

So while I won't be entering this contest...it's just for "prom-ers" right? (Side note: I totally have the urge to take a photo of a vintage 80's prom dress just for fun and to enter anyways, but I won't. hahaha) ;-) Okay so back to what I was saying. While I won't be entering this contest, I think it's such an awesome idea to give a lovely girl out there the chance to win some amazing prizes including a style consultation and video chat with Cher? Seriously, how awesome is that?!

Do you plan on entering???

Just for fun and in the spirit of this contest, I'm going to post a photo on my blog here later today of a dress I would enter if I were to enter the contest, but like I said I'll leave this one to all the cute high school girls that look forward to winning this glamourous royal prom experience!

Oh, and speaking of ROYAL experiences, will anyone be tuning into Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding this Friday?? Because I'm so there!

Also, please don't forget that I'm hosting my weekly Wednesday Night - Let's talk JewelMint Chat on this blog. Last week was a lot of fun chatting live with fellow "JewelMint Junkies"! Tomorrow night from 7pm - 9pm PT.

xoxo, Lily

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sunday Morning Jewelmint Exchange

 Photo: Jewelmint

---Last week I noticed something on Jewelmint's Facebook Page! There are a lot of fellow "Jewelmint Junkies" posting items they are desperately looking to find or wanting to sell. I've seen a few other blogs do something like this so I'm going to give it a whirl---

So grab your Sunday morning cup of coffee and post or search for Jewelmint pieces you're either looking to sell or find! Is there a Jewelmint piece you missed out on? A Jewelmint piece that just didn't work out for you and needs a new loving home? The Sunday Morning Jewelmint Exchange is a weekly forum for you to post about Jewelmint items you are desperately trying to find or to post items you are looking to trade or sell.

Here's how this works:
1. Begin your post with either: Looking to sell or looking to find.
2. List your items (including accurate descriptions if necessary).
3. Please don't forget to include an email address for contact.
It's that easy!

(Rules and stuff: No resellers please. Please note that blog can make no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any information posted on this post by it's users and can not guarantee or have information regarding the quality or safety of any of the products exchanged. The choice to swap/sell/etc., the terms of any exchange, and the risks you take or choose not to take are solely your responsibility. This blog is not responsible and will not compensate participants in any way for trades or sales conducted by its participants. This blogs sole responsibility is limited to maintaining the post. Please be safe and make responsible decisions when participating. Thanks for reading this as I just want to make the terms clear. You know how it goes :-)

xoxo, Lily
(Happy Easter Everyone!)
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