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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Love Bangle: JewelMint's Facebook Ad Mystery Solved!

If you're a JewelMint fan who frequents Facebook, you may have seen this familiar ad pop up in your sidebar over the past month or so...

Here's a better look of the actual photo used in the ad...

JewelMint Bow Tie Bangle - Photos: JewelMint

Additionally, a similar photo featuring the same "love" bangle was featured over on JewelMint's Twitter page back in April...

I received an email recently asking if I knew if this bangle was a JewelMint sneak peek or another brand? So I did some searching and....I found it!

Forever21 Love Trio Set, Sold Out Online

Turns out this bracelet is from a Forever21 bangle set that is, unfortunately, already sold out online. As for the pink bangle in the second photo, it is still available on Forever21 EU's site here, but is also sold out in the US. Bummer because both sets are ADORABLE!

Forever21 Matte Gem Bangle Set, Sold Out in US
Available on EU site

There is a slight possibility that these bangles may still be available at your local Forever21 store, please let me know if you can still find them! :)

As for a similar jeweled bangle in the third photo from the top, here's a set from F21 that is new and still available online...

xoxo, Lily
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  1. Oh! I found a silver love bangle at my F21 just a week or two ago. But it was solo. They're definitely still around though!

  2. Thanks AJ! I'll have to stop by my local F21 and check it out! :D


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